Some dac/amp store specification help required here :^)

Hey hey people so I currently have an DT 990 PRO 250 OHM headset which i use for both gaming and music, thing is though that when I listen to music (usually rock like Rammstein, Iron Maiden, Metallica n such) i find the power from the headset quite lackluster both volume wise and Oumph! wise so I did some research and found that the Schiit Asgard might do the work (hopefully?) to get some power into my ears.

Problem I found though is that I have no idea at all in what to pick for specification since I’m a total newbie in all of this.

So. it has these options
this is just cosmetic so I’ll pick whatever
Only got ES9028 DAC so the choice is obvious
This is where I’m stuck, I have no idea what to pick since it both has 115 and 230 VAC as optional choices.
-Plug type
Since I’m from Sweden (Europe) i assume I’ll just go with the europlug(?)
Link to store page:

Oh and i do assume that this is a substitute both for an Dac and an Amp, correct?
And if you people have any other dac/amp setup you yourself would like to recommend that you feel would be a superior pick then please feel free to do so.

Anyhow any help is greatly appreciated! I hope you people have a good day o/

I would assume Voltage is going to be whatever your local electrical system uses, whether you get 115v or 230v out of the socket. Most Euro countries that I know of use a 230V system, but it could be different in your area.

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The only reason I know any of this is because of boating, but nearly all of the EU is 230 VAC. A quick google search seems to confirm that the Swedish standard is 230 V at 50 Hz.

110 Volt is typically US, but because of our outsized influence, most of the Americas is also 110V.

Here is a chart with many of voltages, frequencies, and plug types for places around the world.

That confirms your 230V, 50Hz, and Europlug.

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So the DAC module is the addon for the DAC, and basically they are putting that in a spot on the far left, the AMP still has the RCA inputs, so it can be used as standalone amp too. Note that adding that ES9028 DAC will bump the price up by about $100 USD.

As for recommendations, I haven’t listened to the Asgard, so I don’t really know what would be comparable. At $350, I tend to think, I would expect balanced. For Schiit, the first balance separates are the Magnius and Modius Pairing for $400. That is only $50 more and you get the AKM AK4493 DAC instead of the ES9028 DAC.

That price range $350-400 USD, gets you into some nice gear. I tend to know more the budget space, so others might be more help on the options. I know Topping has the 50 series, but they are around $500 with the DAC and Amp, and I think the DX3 Pro+ or ZenDac v2 are both such a deal around $200, that it is a tough pitch.

you dont have to get the dac module. i have not heard it, but most do not seem to rate it all that well for the money. you can buy a separate dac and have yourself a stack, or side by side if you prefer.


^^^ THIS!!! ^^^ THIS!!! ^^^

don’t get the add-in DAC card, get a Modius or Bifrost if you’ve got the coin.

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Thanks for all the recommendos and help so far!

Okay so i see that the optional dac for the Asgard ain’t really preferable, but instead a separate unit like modius which goes for 230$ and Bifrost 699$ would be better? Outright i will decline the Bifrost because of the price, but the Modius would just be an 130$ increase from the original, so if that’s truly worth it compared to the optional then i might aswell pay that extra for it.

But im starting to wonder, outside from just the Schiit brand is there any other combo you people might recommend? And which possibly would have a more international or EU based shipping since im noticing that the Schiit shipping from Usa to Sweden is quite simply Insane when it comes to the price, at the very least i’d have to pay 60$ for the shipping which is just… wow.

how much are you willing to spend and are you okay with used gear if it steps you up a level vs. new at a lower level?

I am guessing you are thinking Modius for DAC at $229 and Asgard at $249, but don’t do that, instead get the Modius for $229 and Magnius for $199. The separates are $428, it is only $78 more that the Asgard with the DAC module, and you get more power than you were going to have with the Asgard, and you get balanced connections.