Something's wrong with me

Two pairs of rp600m hooked up the Cambridge audio axr100 speaker a 1 set and speaker B for the other set


nothing wrong with you…aside from not having two sub’s to complement their performance. :slight_smile:

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You mean total of 4 subs, of course. :sunglasses:
2 per each set.


u okay bro? your laptop and cambridge look a lil bit cramped

furniture aside why did you decide to get 2 pairs of rp600m (im looking to get a pair myself)

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I do have one sub Martin Logan Dynamo 500

I’m actually selling one pair of them $450 takes them

Yes my TV stand is not ideal! Looking to get a rack

why not use a crossover between the sets so each focuses on a particular range of frequencies?

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Im going to ding you for the ancient TV mounted on a VCR. Bro go to costco spend the $600 and mount :wink:.

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Hmm something

Lol yes the TV is ancient only use it for laptop screen for Tidal and Jriver … and that’s not a VCR LOL it’s a CD player and who in their right mind would spend $600 on a TV mount?

Sorry maybe 500 for a 50in LED and 100 bucks for a swivel wall mount. O man my heart hurts putting the tv on the cd player.

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Hook up my system in my bedroom I can’t take it anymore​:rofl::crazy_face:

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Listening to Stoned Jesus

You gotta have a bedroom system.

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It was way too much! Rp600m Cambridge axr100 amp in a bedroom ? Not enough air to breath lol!

So I bought a 70 inch TV hung it on the wall. The CD player was a piece of shit I was just using it to raise the TV.
LOL anyway having all four RP’s hooked up at once kept overloading amp… probably due to the fact that I am an animal and push everything to the Limit🤪

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Got a similar setup, current iteration is smsl A300 through topping e30 the specs say its got more power than the SA300 it does get pretty loud. But seems the aiyima 08 has more fat sound. Think its just witchcraft on my part. The 40hrz high pass filter appears to be working. Wait on the smsl $230 dac to go on sale and should be done in my frontroom.