Something's wrong with me

Two pairs of rp600m hooked up the Cambridge audio axr100 speaker a 1 set and speaker B for the other set


nothing wrong with you…aside from not having two sub’s to complement their performance. :slight_smile:

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You mean total of 4 subs, of course. :sunglasses:
2 per each set.


u okay bro? your laptop and cambridge look a lil bit cramped

furniture aside why did you decide to get 2 pairs of rp600m (im looking to get a pair myself)

I do have one sub Martin Logan Dynamo 500

I’m actually selling one pair of them $450 takes them

Yes my TV stand is not ideal! Looking to get a rack

why not use a crossover between the sets so each focuses on a particular range of frequencies?

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Im going to ding you for the ancient TV mounted on a VCR. Bro go to costco spend the $600 and mount :wink:.

Hmm something

Lol yes the TV is ancient only use it for laptop screen for Tidal and Jriver … and that’s not a VCR LOL it’s a CD player and who in their right mind would spend $600 on a TV mount?

Sorry maybe 500 for a 50in LED and 100 bucks for a swivel wall mount. O man my heart hurts putting the tv on the cd player.