Songs of 2021 - Share your selection

Hey girls and boys, the end of the year is in approach. We all love music around here, don’t we?

So, it would be interesting to share our preferred tunes of the year. Not the ones specifically released in 2021, but those you have listened to with most pleasure during the last 365 days (almost, considering we just are at the beginning of November…).

Pick three tracks and post them. Easy.

One rule: no debate about music tastes. Post your three tracks and feel free to like the ones from others. If you don’t like them, and you probably won’t like a bunch of then, skip to the next. Don’t hesitate to post strange songs or exotic music genres, if you feel it. Enlarging the spectrum is not always bad. On the contrary.

Also, if comments or short discussions about a specific track or artist are always welcome, in order to add some background related to posted tracks, please avoid long discussions, which tend to derail the thread.

Thanks for joining the thread, we then all have a new opportunity to discover unknown songs and artists. That’s the main purpose here.

I wish you all a good health and an enjoyable listening session.

Starting with these from my side:

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Here are my top 3 tracks of 2021:

Mountains - Charlotte Day Wilson
Canada produces another great artist. This track is a great vibe on a rainy day, especially with a pair of Sennheisers :headphones:

Oh My Darling Don’t Cry - Run The Jewels
As a devout hip-hop fan, it’s a shame I discovered this group in 2021. Amazing lyrics with beats that’ll make a bass-head go nuts, so bring out the Fidelios :loud_sound:

Why Don’t You - Cleo Sol
This woman’s soulful voice is incredible…she makes me want to be a better man (kidding…maybe :laughing:)

Seriously, this artist is going places. Glad I discovered her catalog in 2021.


Ask a different day and get a different answer, I’m not a good “favorites” person.

Got very into Jimmy over the last year. Auditory butter.

This needs to be played as a full album, was fairly personal for me to find (perhaps actually last year). This track is not the best or most sonically interesting here, but had the most gripping lyrical passages for me. Probably the most striking “newish” album for me recently.

I flipped over this lead live track when I first heard it, which was definitely during this year.

Honorable mentions for some of the J Mascis acoustic stuff, has hit me differently recently maybe ‘Several Shades of Why’ or ‘Keeblin’ as track choices. Stevie’s 'Living for the City". I was never into DMB before this year. Songs that might make me cry, like Massacre of Glencoe by John McDermott or Mining for Gold by Cowboy Junkies. Built to Spill was a big blind spot for me that I have gotten into this year. So much that is old and timeless to me that I’m never on the vanguard of what is actually new.


Always will heart Jimmy Smith.

For me, Weezer OK Human is great musically and the lyrics very fitting for certain aspects of the times.