SONOS good or bad?

We use a Sonos beam and 2 plays for watching movies on our barge (no wires and small footprint is a must) this works pretty ok considering our environment, would you ever consider using any Sonos products at home for music?..

I dunno if I would use Sonos…but I have used a B&O Bt speaker before (gift for my mum) because it’s sound was impressive. it did lack on the low end, but it often depended on the song being played as other times you were wondering why it was so good now but not before. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve considered starting to piece together a whole home audio setup with Sonos. I had some chromecast speakers for a while but the speaker groups were always having issues with one or 2 speakers dropping so I ended up getting rid of them. When it was working there was something really fun about hitting play and hearing the whole house come alive with music. So if Sonos is reliable (which they seem to be) then I would like to do this again in the future.

you can also look at the speakers Ikea made in partnership with Sonos. they have better pricing.

Yeah I forgot about those! That gives me an idea… They had one that looks like a lamp. Maybe I could convince my wife to put one of those on each of the end tables and then a Sonos bar under the TV and create an almost undetectable surround system. Ha!


I’m a big fan. Our whole house has it, and for convenience, nothing beats it. But this isn’t ConvenienceGuides…

In my music area I have the Port going to some powered speakers. If you wanted max quality with the Port you could add your own DAC from the optical out, and your own amp (it’s line level), and then your own speakers, but like any other hifi option this is going to include lots of wires.

Im totally happy with the quality of the port with it’s on board DAC. I’m just using Spotify premium too. Excited to see if Spotify hifi sounds better whenever that comes out.

For a boat, assuming you have Wi-Fi. I don’t see a better option than Sonos, especially if you want wire free.

Might not be the consensus here though. I’m a hifi noob.

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My dad has the Sonos ARC sound bar, it sounds great, but is expensive for what it is.

For music - never. Something like a Kef LSX or especially LS50 Wireless II would destroy anything by Sonos in terms of audio quality. But for convenience and just to get some sound to many rooms - why not.