Sony BA and IEM discussion

Hello, so I’ve been looking and dipping my toes in on some Sonys again after getting my EX800st and was curious on how Sony BAs stack up against Sonion and Knowles. I was looking at an all BA set without much BA timbre and I was looking at the XBA300ap and the M7 tbh. Outside of tone and sound quality, is there anything else to be aware of… like do I need a special mmcx cable for the M7 etc. Just some thoughts and questions on the subject. :smiley:


Kinda had that discussion over here:


Judging by the picture it seems to be mmcx but 3rd party cables might not fit it that well.

The 300ap doesnt seem to be that good though:

(I was interested in it as well, but the graph and some impressions scared me away lol, better to save up for the M7 if you want sony all BA)

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Thanks and sorry, I dont go to headfi, sorry that you double dip but I stay here where the crazy is to a minimum compared, I include r/headphones in that was well lol. M7 baby :heart_eyes:!!

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Yeah no problem. I doubt the people that read that post back then actually still remember it anyway. :joy:

M7 definitely does seem very good and tempting. But It is above my budget and I think it is shooting myself in the foot if I get it because I don’t really like all BA iems anyway…

I like them as long as they are not kz lol. Ive owned a few and they are fast and tight, if they are not good though you get the metallic overtones to notes which I really dislike, it seems to be a thing with the lower end BAs so I was just making sure, will check your links later today :slight_smile:

Well I got the audiosense t800/dt200, thieaudio voyager 3 and the hisenior t2. I don’t really like them because of the ba timbre and ba bass.

BA bass is fine for me if I can eq it up to taste, the timbre is the killer tho.

If you are interested in something that might be similar to Sony ba’s though, you should keep an eye on the shanling ae3. It uses 3 sonion ba’s and is at 170 usd.
(never seen any all BA iem anywhere close to this range with only sonion ba’s)

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Good callout, I’ll keep it in mind!

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