Sony DMP-Z1 A thing of beauty

No very transportable but way better looking than a Dave :heart: it…

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But the fact that it can be is still a plus lol

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Dave is certainly an odd looking dac but if were talking stuff in Dave’s price range, the prettiest dac is the mola mola tambaqui

? lol…

The mola mola is nice for sure. Although they could have been more thoughtful in the design to allow you to control the volume from the unit itself more easily. Also headphone amp on the back is kinda dumb imo lol (although I don’t really use it often so doesn’t affect me too much)

This is beautiful. I’m afraid to look up the price. :cry:

EDIT: Yikes! M0N, going to get a few of these? :wink:

Nah content enough daps for now lol

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Man that DMP-Z1 looks like it belongs in a Pagani engine bay or something…

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You guys must do the same thing as I do.

As you’re watching this video, and if you know how much money they’re asking for this thing… I’m actually thinking about how I could justify getting this. My mind is actually going there, just because of how stunning it appears. The design is so beautiful and if it costs as much as it does, the audio quality coming out of this thing has to be insane. Right?

Then I punch myself in the face and ask myself… Are you crazy??? What are the diminishing returns on something like this? How much better can audio get beyond what you already have for a tiny fraction of the cost of this unit.

But I still want it. :cry:

Yeah but i’ve worked out if

diminishing returns are a problem to you then just don’t go there lol…as they used to say back in the day about Rolls Royce…if one needs to ask the price, one can’t afford it lol.

It’s very impressive for sure, but also keep in mind you are also paying for the design and name for this one too. While it has top of the line performance, it does up charge a bit for it. The thing is at this price range you can get a desktop setup that can run circles around this thing imo, but the main appeal of it is that you can get desktop level performance in something that you can carry with you, but it won’t be at an equivalent level (like it would be more comparable to a desktop setup at half the price of the dmp-z1, but the fact that it can accomplish that in a semi portable factor is very impressive).

Yeah you are hitting diminishing returns with this one, for myself I think for a portable setup around the 3k mark is where it’s been at recently, I don’t think it’s worth to go higher than that for a portable

Which beggars the question P6 Dap or DMP-Z1?

Lol don’t have enough time with the dmp to really compare, but man the p6 is still really impressing me

And a shit load cheaper :+1: @PapaEmeritus lol

I could hit buy now on this right now if I wanted to. But I’d probably hate myself later. lol

I work for a design firm, so I’m a sucker for great design.

Makes sense lol. Just wondering, what do you think of the higher end sony walkmans or A&K players design wise?