🔶 Sony IER-Z1R

I agree for the bass and mids section. The treble is really another story, though. They do share a common DNA, more cousins than brothers.

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Got the Plussound X6 Copper cable for the Z1R. Comfort is largely improved. Beautiful cable with special mmcx connectors.


Got the Traillii on loan for a week. The vocals are incredibly well-rendered.

The Sonys have a hard time keeping the pace in that register. The level of details also is a step above on the Traillii. That’s about all so far. The Z1R have much better bass (quantity, quality, layers, precision) and the treble slightly has the edge over the Oriolus.

Two complementary IEMs I would say after 2 hours of listening.


I went with the Silver plated copper X6 for mine :+1:


Beautiful :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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For electronic music, do you still prefer the Z1R before the Vega?

I was having doubts between the Vega B-stock, for 499 usd (so, probably I have to add tariffs), or a Z1R used (2 years), for 1050€, in what appears to be very good condition from someone on Head-fi.

I ended up buying the Z1R. After so much time reading and watching reviews about how good they are, I really have to try them by myself. Worst case scenario I think that I could sell them without a big loss.

About the Vega, I was thinking to buy them because I love the Cascades, and I would like an IEM version of them… But at the same time, it seems like duplicating gear…

In any case, Z1R it is. I am so hyped right now. Can’t wait to try them.