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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes

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I owned IER-Z1R for about 9 months.
Kind of nutural.
It will remind you of AudioTechnica’s ADX5000 , which I owned for longer.
But treble is kind of troublesome…I mean … that’s why you need an AMP to drive them.
They can deliver absolute the best treble details . But if your equipment can not… It just sound harsh.
You need a DAC and AMP abeling to present wide and upper treble/deeper low-end or you will not like Z1R much.
Lowend has good quantity, but not enough quality if without good AMP…
And as nutural and kind of reference…your shitty sense of music will surely been presented…Infront of you , BIGGER…Detailed.

Can not recommend for majority of people. It’s kind of hard to not listen to shitty music nowadays including me. And people don’t buy different over 14k $ IEMs for different type of music…Z1R means you should invest more on equipments to drive it.

After I boutht it for 3 months, I’m still wondering why SONY built this unresonable monster as an IEM.

Oh and it is heavy and big, phisically. You can’t keep listening to it over an hour , unless you have ears made of steel.


Interesting that you draw a comparison with the adx5000, it didn’t remind me of that, but I can see why you say that

They are both “judging”. And hard to “fix” .
Cause it tells you that it is you who has problems,not it. And it is annoying.

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Just wondering do you have a tube amp for the adx5000 or do you use solid state?

Using LUXMAN P-750u.
And that’s not enough.
Then I added a SC cut OCXO clock to the USB interface…
And it sound amazing. Super wide and deep and detailed…and smooth.
Tube the adx5000 is easy. They cut the treble details bots with harshness. And let it sing beautifuly.
But people just want more , you know…

I really like the adx5000 on the cayin ha300 with rolled tubes, very nice combo. I also like them on the rupert neve rnhp as well, although on my other solid state amps I am not as big of a fan

Yeah, Tube them is good choice.
Through ifi pro iCAN (tube on) it is nice.
Through solid state, however, you may need a R2R DAC which mostly deliver warm sound, and a clock.
That is unconvenient. But kind of worth it. And it is interesting just trying to.

Yeah I have used them on higher end r2r and it was very nice with them

Wierd just talking ADX5000 in z1r topic though…
I used Soekris 1541 to feed it. It is nice.
And I wonder if it may sound better so I hooked it up with the Denafrips terminator which belongs to my loudspeaker system.
And it is better…
And then the clock.
Even better.

This shall not happen in headphone category. Mostly you can not hear difference through those.
Monstrasity headphones they are.

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It works well with the holo may kte, but using it with the kassandra II ref it is overkill. It also works well with the lavry quintessence but a bit too clean

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I listened to May in my friends house last year.
Gentle solid smooth sound signature.
And I talked to the designer of May.
Straight person.Telling me that May possible not fit to my system.
So I didn’t buy them.

And to state. I don’t like adx5000 much. As headphones. I usually use them to listen to everything , not just high res audio or kind of well produced. I need them to be tolerant and easily enjoyable. And it is absolutely not.

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Yes the adx5000 isn’t the best all rounder and not the most relaxed, as there are better headphones for something more tolerant. The may does a good job for just smooth and refined sound, but not the most analytical

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Yeah I need to hear these for sure along with the A8000 but I’m not an “audiophile” so I guess i’m a lost soul… I just love how sets can purvey the music I love in a way I love…not studio, not live but at home after a hard days work with a beer…Andro’s and iFi Micro iDSD is hard to beat for me :musical_score::headphones::yin_yang:

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EDIT: My Firefox gets no love.

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Two months down the line :woozy_face: and yes my Z1R’s should hopefully arrive tomorrow courtesy Amazon UK…hyped? damn fucking right I am…but like I said I’m not an “audiophile” just like kicking back with my sets and enjoying my tunes :man_shrugging: