🔷 Sony MDR-1A

This is the official thread for the Sony MDR-1A. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • No Amp needed
  • Closed Back

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Super comfortable, very bassy, too muddy for my taste. (They made very nice ear warmers for the winter though…)

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I’m surprised that the MDR-1AM2’s aren’t getting more love. The bass isn’t muddy at all, sound is well balanced, and it has pretty good soundstage for a closed back! If you’re considering the MDR-1A, I highly recommend checking out the 1AM2’s instead (well, unless you want all dat bass in yo face, then stick with the 1A’s).

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Yeah, the bass is muddy, but there is a very easy reversable mod for that.

Just cover the bass ports with some paper or gum or whatever. The whole mid bass area will go down like 5 dB, but it will be untouched above ~300 Hz. Perfect for what you need.

They also have like a 5 dB spike at 9k, which makes them a bit sibilant, but for that I just used a simple EQ. Now they are basically neutral, just as I like my headphones.

These headphones have really nice subbass for stuff like edm, it sounds like a cannon. Kinda hard to describe, but the subbass has that nice thwump like it’s being shot out of a vacuum tube or something. Highs are sparkly but not crispy, they are OK if not occasionally sharp, decent but not amazing. Overall fun headphone, sounds better with an amp imo.

After listening to the new Bose QC35 IIs I see no reason why people should buy these

The Bose are more comfortable, wireless, better looking
They sound better and clearer and the noise canceling is second to none
Probably the greatest portable headphones atm

The MDR 1As have been dethroned

Oh man, I´m super surprised to see the mdr-1A here…:smiley: :+1:

They brought me into Hifi and where my first “better” headphone. But the last time I took them with me on a vacation, I was so unsatisfied with the sound that I bought new IEM right next day.

They have an engaging sound signature, which sounds familiar and makes fun. But after you learn to appreciate cleanness, details and a bit treble sparkle, this just feel … unsatisfying. I would not recommend them. I think in the same price range there are better chifi iems today. :wink:

Well… the QC35 II are also about double the price…

2 questions:

  1. is there a difference between the MDR-1A and MDR-1A/B?
  2. Worth it used @ <$100

I have just changed the pads on these as they were super worn out (my first headphone from a Z recommendation, oh my april 2016 when i was a student… )

Got these “sheepskin” pads off aliexpress, and i am quite surprised at how good they have turned out for the price! Super comfortable, and still got dat bass.

Super comfy warm bass cannons, it does a thing and feels good to revitalize something which was first in my collection :smile:

currently on the fence between the 1am2 and the takstar pro82, does anyone have both and gets the ups and downs of each? I like a light bass emphasis most of the time for orchestral and instrumental music but I also love cranking the low end for basshall, dubstep, rap, hip hop, edm etc