Sony MDR-CD2000

Anyone have experience with these? A set came up locally for $200. From some short research they look interesting, but not sure if they are really worth trying.

Any comments on them?

I did a quick Google and they don’t seem to be well reviewed. 3.5 out of 5 being the highest.

Yeah, I saw that as well. The reviews are mixed, so I thought I would ask the hifiguides brain trust if there’s something special about them that’s worth considering.

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Vintage headphones, even 20 years old, are kind of a hard “NO” sort of deal.

Vintage headphones that are worth it typically are being produced to this day, and are almost always studio stuff.

I’ve seen these around a looooong time ago, but heard nothing good nor remember them well. Also, a touch of research turned up some Sony release docs for it, 25,000yen at release… for $200, that’s like paying MSRP for used 20 year old gear.

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