Sony MDR-Z7 (and m2)

ugh I know how that feels, thanksfully Ebay has quite good customer protection rules right?
about the vocal, well how much it affect depend on the kind of music you listen to it also, mybe it just doesnt fit mine that well.
Also, the only one I tried was the 80 ohm ver, so I cant say anything about the 250 or 600 ohm ones

they have a resolution centre but you have to wait until 30 days after the estimated delivery date… given the state of everything im giving the seller (who has 100% feedback) the benefit of the doubt but no reply to messages so we will see

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The Z7s (I found) are headphones that you leave on your head and let music play. Relax and forget about it… then every now and again something will happen that makes stop and smile.


I can get behind that

So my thoughts on these (z7 mk1) are I like them quite a bit… bass is really satisfying and impactful and it’s delivery is pretty sweet, mids are smooth and present, treble is probably neutral bright (ish) but detailed… soundstage is kind of a standout thing here because they’re closed and while not being exceptionally wide they have a depth and height that gives everything a grand feel and this experience is emphasized by it’s (in this case) exceptional imaging… timbre is fantastic (I wasn’t expecting that)… I can listen to hip hop for hours on these and I think it’s where they shine… mellow folky stuff, electronic pop and doom metal are also great on these… faster rock and jazz tracks are sometimes bothersome for the big driver and come off as slow and instrument separation takes a hit… I much prefer the Asgard 3 to the liquid spark because imo it has more control of the driver and the staging characteristics are a great pairing

I’m not sure if they’re worth their msrp of $1100 cad (which I didn’t pay)… I’m not well versed in the price range

Anyways I’ve found my hip hop cans finally so long story short I’m happy

Thanks for all above comments as I know these aren’t on the radar of too many people


I’ve looked at these as a potential closed back office solution. Probably going to go for the Elegia but these look pretty sweet. Made in Japan always gets my interest.

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yeah the made in Japan part didn’t disappoint… best build quality ive personally experienced

They do leak a fair bit out of the bottom grill

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Good to know!

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Hi mon since you have experence with the z7m1 and r70x any chance you can compare the 2. Im in the market for a bass heavy headphone atm and the z7 is the only ones in my local used market selling for reasonable pricings.

The r70x is a bit more narrow, a fair bit more neutral, and generally a more studio signature than the z7. The z7 has a fair bit more impact and quantity to the bass than the r70x, but the r70x bass is a bit cleaner and potentially a tad more detailed. The midrange on the r70x is more accurate imo, but the z7 is going to be a bit more fun in that range and also a bit more forgiving than the r70x. The treble again is going to be flatter and a bit more accurate on the r70x, but the z7 is a bit more energetic in that range, but avoids harshness fairly well. The stage and presentation on the z7 is going to be more immersive than the r70x imo, but is emphasized and isn’t the most accurate for recreating a real space (but it might be more enjoyable than that). Overall the z7 is going to be more impactful and fun pretty much, whereas the r70x is more reference and accurate

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Thanks,imo the r70x only has passable trebble detail so im a bit worried. Well no matter im want that deep bass slam first and formost so other things can be sacrificed. Btw reguarding the elevated trebble part does that mean that it has forward female vocals or its elevated past that range?

I would say it’s a bit more forward headphone in general. It does have some elevated treble to add air and sparkle imo.

What amp are you running it on?

Fiio k5 pro

Hm you shouldn’t have an issue there, imo the r70x on most of my setups was fairly detailed but not the most detail forward

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Just got the Z7 im surprised but in a good way. Vocals are very foward. Maybe a bit more forward than the bass. But still the deep thumping bass from rap and hiphop are really good on these. Granted micro details arent very present but its pressent enough for wubcore to sound nice as well. I think i may actually like these better than mdr z1r. Very nice.

Im finding it very hard to find fault with it. Sure details arent very good but its sound sig is very enjoyable for hard hitting moderate tempo songs.


has anyone tried the sony pha amps with the z7? any benefit?

the 1 and 2 can be had fairly cheap on eBay and the 3 seems to go lower than msrp quite often