Sony MDR-Z7 (and m2)

Looking for thoughts / impressions / sound signature on the z7 and z7m2. How they compare to each other and to the mdr1am2. Thanks.

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Hmmm, the z7 and z7m2 are closer to the sound of the z1r than the mdr1am2, the z7 is the step out of the consumer side where the mdr1 lies. The z7 has a unique sound signature which is like a consumer sound sig to a higher level, going for a bassy and wider sound sig, a sony house sound. Build and comfort are pretty nice from my experience.

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I have the opportunity to purchase a z7 closer to the cost of an mdr1am2… nh carbons are amazing but the bass is … unusual so I’m still looking for a (normal) bass head set … how are the highs? Compared to x00 or dt770?

They are decent with treble but slightly recessed, they are more recessed than the x00 or 770 250

That unsurprisingly suits me just fine

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I don’t think they have as much impact and slam and control as the hawks or x00 but it is good enjoyable bass imo. Personally I prefer the hawks but that’s a preference thing

Oh dont get me wrong I love the hawks and their bass but it does something different that I cant really describe… like tonally or in delivery they’re unusual? (in a very enjoyable way)

Yeah their stranger make sense, the sony is more traditional in that regard (but still rather strange tuning to some)

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Without photos all those headphones you are talking about don’t exist…

Maybe you’re looking for more slam? Because the hawks definetly don’t slam, they kind of dig deep but when I think about bass I usually do want it to slam and really squeeze every millisecond of the bass

Actually, since u have the 58x too those are the type of bass I mean. They kind of slam, obviously their bass dosent compare but the feel of them is kind of what you might be after. But upgraded

I have a really hard time describing the hawks but looking at graphs the z7 seems to do mid bass well and roll off sub bass which could be ideal… 58x (I no longer have) didnt have quite the amount I’m chasing… just a fun headphone for hip hop (mostly) that I wont find fatiguing (ie x00 and dt770)


Gotcha, quite curious about the bass ur looking after. And yeah the 58x just dosent have the quality or quantity

Like in the official threads? :thinking: (this is not that lol)

If a thick juicy steak had a sound, that would be the nighthawks lol.

I have the rane rh2, not a very well known headphone or brand. Its an under $100 closed back that also has an interesting sound sig. They’re bassy (more in quantity compared to NH) and mid foward with a laid back treble response. Tonality kinda reminds me of sennheiser headphones. Not really a fan of sennheiser headphones personally but I still have my 58X.

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I’ve heard whispers of the rane stuff… how you describe it is actually pretty appealing… I might go there

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I have a pair of the first gen Z7’s and like the. The sound is basically a mainstream consumer type of tuning but done exceptionally well. Quite brassy, but not excessive and good detail. Build quality is superb and shames quite a few much more expensive headphones. Very nice materials and with first class fit and finish.



from those OP mentioned, I’ve only listened to Z7 and 770 closely, the 770 and Z7 together side by side once the build of the 770 is just trash sitting next to the Sony for a start.
on tuning it depends on taste, but i feel the Sony is more sophisticated in many ways, the 770 sure has more sub bass presence but on the other hand, the soundstage it has, is just on width, the Z7 has both width and depth.
on big orchestral music the Z7 trumps the 770 any day, same on pops with prominent vocal, the Z7 sings way better, the 770 is infamous for its V shaped tuning and the vocal is just lost, veiled, hidden beneath all the other rackets.

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Thanks for the further insight… oddly enough I really like the 770’s vocals… I appreciate the comparison and you make them sound really appealing… I’ve actually bought one of the mk1’s on ebay but I think I’ve been had… either way they’re on the short list