Sony MX1 vs MX4 vs The wireless rest, but which is best?

Today I own 4 wireless headphones, but tommorow I’d like to own 5. Or maybe next month, whatever.

TL;DR - I like headphones and wanna hear your opinions on the big 'ol over the ear wireless kind. (Preferably with hot ladies in them, telling me the’re on and ready to pair.)

Let me sum up my own experiences down here. I’m not really an audiophile, not by a long shot. But I do like good sounding headphones and usually operate around the mid-range budget.

Further below are some options I’ve been looking at.

Sony MDR-1000X
As the title suggests, I’m thinking about upgrading my Sony MDR-1000X to the shiny wh1000xm4.
I’ll be honest, I still like the OG 1000X. Sure, the plastic cracked in a couple spots, they aren’t as well fitting anymore and the cushions aren’t as comfy. But I still reguraly pull them off the stand and enjoy them. A lot.
I’ve yet to try the XM4’s, and thus am wondering if they’re worth the upgrade.
And I plan to litteraly daily these new cans, as I take about hour long walks with my dog, and casually listen throughout the day.

Bang and Olufsen Beoplay H9 (3rd gen)
Current daily driver. Boy do they sound nice. Chunky bass that’s clear - drums sound like drums and not hands splashing onto mud. Mids are clear, undominated by the bass or cut over by the highs. Yea, I like them. Too bad they are horrible to wear. 45 minutes and my ears are all red. Touch controls on the side are really bad at registering correct imputs (oh how you’ve spoiled be Sony’s).
They’re also not loud enough, at max it feels like there should be 20% more, but alas, there isn’t. Which is a shame, since every once in a while, I like to make my ears bleed.
But their worst part is the horribly short battery life. Well, not really, but at about 30 - 40% they constatly cut off music to knock into your ears 3 times.
“Knock-knock-knock. Hey, I know you’re enjoying your music, but I got like 5 more hours of battery to go, but lemme just let you know to charge me every 30 seconds until you do, k bye!”
… Knock-knock-knock-

Marshall Monitor (1st gen)
Sound pretty nice, get more than loud enough, with decent battery life, but oh god do they hurt. Hard clamping force, shallow earcups, just no. Ok for 30 minutes, hell after an hour.
Not much else to say, really. If the headphones aren’t comfortable, I ain’t wearing them.

Corsair HS70 PRO
Yep, gaming headphones, but I use them for a bit of everything, from work calls to music and obviously gaming. These were a gift I recieved fairly recently. I already own a set of gaming cans - the Senheiser Game One which I prefer. But those are open back and not always the best choice when one’s living with flatmates, nor are they wireless.
They’re ok. Fairly comfortable (if a bit hot), bass is a bit muddy and overpowering, but tha’s to be expected. For a gaming headset and the price, I’m fine with them.

Now for the stuff I’ve been looking at:

  1. Audeze Mobius
    I’ve never had planar headphones. Heck, I’ve never even heard planar headphones. And It might be time to change that!
    Or not, because all the tech in there is going to annoy me more often than be usefull. They feel over-teched to me, with bad battery life.
    But everywhere I look people say they sound great, and I’m curious about planars.

  2. Beyerdynamic Amiron WL
    I’ve been looking at these for a while, but I’m not sure that if they’re going to deliver for 1.5x price of the Sony’s. They also look huge, which is a concern since I’ll be walking the dog with them.

  3. Beyerdynamic Lagoon
    Now, these look like some Sony competition! Smaller and cheaper than the Amiron’s, they might do the trick, yet I’ve heard some mixed opinions.

  4. SteelSeries Arctis Pro
    I know, Gaming headphones. But these in black actually look wearable outside and I’ve heard a lot of gushing about their sound quallity, even if I’m a bit sceptical. Still, someone out there (or in here) might have an opinion on these. (Also, they might serve as good allround headphones for indoors and out doors. They just caught my attention, thats all)

I’ve been shopping around for a while, and I’m unfortunatly kind of restricted in terms of where to shop, as Amazon doesn’t like it here. So much for Europe being a first world country when I can’t even get a 15 minute express drone delivered dildos like the rest of the civilized world.

But I digress, what would you say is the best of the best in the wireless class?

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