Sony PFR-V1 Personal Field Speakers

DMS’s review on these funky Ear/Head Speakers


Apparently I need to become a Sony Fanboy LOL. Very interesting, I wonder how much they rolloff below 500hz and what other businesses have the balls to try something like this… I’m looking at you China… :wink: LOL We need more spaghetti on the wall…

Indeed they should employ their IEM strategy…many things ventured, should gain something? lol…there’s always a diamond in the dust to be found :man_shrugging:

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About 350 euros in Amazon Spain

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Interesting idea. I’ve gotten into cycling now that gyms are closed. I’ve been using a neck speaker to hear music while riding. I don’t want to close my ears off to the outside world while cycling - even openbacks can make it hard to hear surroundings while music is playing. If these had more bass I would be interested. Haven’t tried bone conductors yet.

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