Sony SA-ZI Powered Speaker System

New Near Field Speakers :sunglasses:

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Just add the DMP-Z1 and you’ve got the sexiest desktop set up you could ever wish for…perfect for your bijou Tokyo apartment :+1:


Very different… Wonder how it sounds…?

Extra FUGLY.

They better sound like the voices of angels because they look ugly as sin. I know beauty is subjective, but they’re obviously designed by the guy that styled the newest Civic R and the guy that designed the Tesla pickup while binging sake after having eaten bad sushi. Let’s be as inefficient as possible in a desktop speaker, where you know, space is limited… What are they thinking?

I like the look :scream: it sorta reminds me of an old Brownie camera? lol…


51 Hz–100 kHz (-10 dB)

Not sure why they put that?

From the Amp…


10 Hz–200 kHz


10 Hz–100 kHz (-3 dB)