Sony SS-CS5 Bookshelf Speakers. A look Inside

Hopefully someone finds these pictures useful now or years from now when they’re looking at a used set of these on ebay.


What do you think of the quality of the crossover?

I’ve been building speakers since 2000. I’d have to say they are quite good for the price. I’m not 100% sure but they look to be a 2nd order 3 way possibly crossed at 2000hz/16000hz with quality components. That being air-core inductors on the high end and audio grade non-electrolytic capacitors. I’ve compared these to the Pioneer AJ SB22 and I’d take the Sony CS5 overall.

Being a big fan of Zeos for years and wanting to do my own youtube channel since 2013 I finally pushed myself to do it last year. If you would like to watch my amateur videos on the CS5 and maybe check out my channel that’d be just swell.


Just subscribed, I’m looking forward to checking out your videos. Thank’s for the pictures, hope you don’t mind us picking your brain on the diy stuff.

Already subbed :+1: Well that’s pretty nice then

Hey, thanks. Some of my vids get lengthy and boring but I’m doing what I love finally so I’m ok with it right now. In the future hopefully the channel will grow and I can keep making adjustments.

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Just got my SS-CS5’s hooked up. I love them! Hard to beat for $73.


The CS5 have grown on me but the plain black was getting boring this is much better. Sony only offers these in black, they should reconsider. They look

way better in a cherry wrap.


I actually really like those in a cherry wrap, nice job :+1:

Sony should take some notes lol

Did you manage to get the component values for the parts of the crossover (ohms, capacitance, mH etc) ? I wanted to build a better crossover and it would help out a lot. TIA

I scored a pair of these CHEAP because they were rattling due to the crossover plate having fallen loose in one of the drivers. I took the chance and fixed them up easily. Haven’t had them hooked up a minute, I feel like I remember them being picky on/off-axis and lively.

Could cheap speakers improve by adding more/different insulation ?