Sony STR-V555ES "Masive Upgrade"

So, I was given this a few days ago still not had the chance to listen to it as im sorting the space out for it however here is some amplifier porn
Can’t wait to get it going and its gonna make me have to buy some better speakers as this amp is worlds better than the one ive been using and I thought that one was pretty good. Everything works and I thought the DEMO mode was a neat touch haha. Nothing compared to some of the stuff you guys have but this should do wonders for me for years to come.

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Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not best photographer with a phone haha.

PS: Its a heavy fucker at nearly 40lbs


Thanks for the likes guys, From the very limited information I could find online this series of amp is one of the last Extreamly high quality amps Sony have ever made. Can’t find when it exactly came out but think its was early 2000 so around 2000-2003 and being the sony ES line high quality. Shame they don’t make ES series any more. With 120w per channel at 5.1 with THD of 0.05%. Shame I dont have the remote and that thing looks amazing!

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Lol that’s a pretty interesting remote, I forgot stuff like that existed

Yeah haha its touch screan but I guess you would expect that for the price it was back in day. Think when it came out was around £1300 haha. Shame I havnt got it but we see if person I got it off can find it. Would be nice.

bet you can easily hook up a logitech harmony remote to it.

Yeah but at that price I may as well just buy the original from ebay haha.