Sony vs Onkyo receivers

So I was looking for a receiver and I was looking at two models. The two are the Onkyo Tx SR393 vs a Sony STRDH590. I guess just wondering if there is a specific reason of one over the other or are they both good and decent enough.

I’m surprised you didn’t get a response.

I have older models of each receiver. Any receiver colors sound to some degree. I have a personal preference to the Onkyo receiver. The bass is a bit more punchy, albeit the Onkyo has a few more watts. I like the set up screen also and the remote.
Sony doesn’t really excite me much and the bluetooth died in it a year later. I ended up replacing it with a Yamaha RX V2065 receiver, which is now my favorite at the moment. (3 zones)

Sorry for delay, I honestly just went with the sony due to availability and price. This model isn’t bad and is nice enough but doesn’t have an aux in or other features that I didn’t realize. Like I also have a Yamaha 585 that is amazing but yamahas were out of stock when I was looking. but the sony is fine enough and i hope the bluetooth last considering the lack of aux and all.

Just a heads up not sure if its all the AVRs today. But some room correction cant do hires sampling while using room correction. Know for sure YPAO can do 192/24 with a entry atmos AVR.

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I’m sure your Sony bluetooth will be OK. I believe my unit was just a fluke, not a widespread issue with the Sony brand from the research I did when mine went out. Some quality control issues are just a part of electronics these days.

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i missed this somehow until now. i have the strdh590 and love it. it has a very smooth sound. i havent owned an onkyo, but from my understanding, they have a brighter sound than the sony’s

edit: i got mine within a month of it coming out and bluetooth works just as good as day one.

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I’d go with the Yamaha RX-V6A, you can get it at Costco for like $400, they call it the TSR-700.

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