Sony WH-1000XM4 specs leaked

bad Walmart, bad, LolL!


so…has anyone heard these yet? impressions?

I’ve had these for a week or so and I’ll say the noise cancelling is excellent and better than the AirPods Pro and the Bose qc35ii. Features work great but I turn them all off except for the pause when headphones are taken off. Connectivity is flawless so far. Extremely comfortable imo even more so than the Bose. Very light comparable to the Bose and based on memory they feel much lighter than the first gen Sonys I had years ago.

Sound wise they decent and listenable along the lines of the AirPods Pro. Default they’re extremely v shaped and I use eq to boost the mids and imo it’s much better and more inline with my preferences. Busy tracks sound a little sloppy but for the most part its a pretty listenable and enjoyable headphone if you’re just kicking back and not analyzing the music too much.