đź”· Sony WH1000XM3 ANC

This is the official thread for the Bose QC35 II. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • No Amp needed
  • Closed Back
  • Wireless
  • Active Noise Cancelling

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Bose QC35 II?

Also, have you tried these with the Dekoni pads? Suede option makes them very nice to wear, and doesn’t mess with the ANC profile :slight_smile: .

These sound like the MDR Z7 but with clearer highs and just a tad less bassy, i can’t believe how good they sound with the ANC using LDAC on my Sony Nw-wm1a

I use the Dekoni leather pads.

The stock pads are so thin & uncomfortable. The Dekoni pads really makes them actually comfortable, but feels it loses it’s anc slightly. Maybe 10 - 20%?

Extremely light on your head. Fits over and around your ear but are smal headphones.
My problem is the sound. When listening to female Japanese music these peak a lot and the bass was just bad. Lowering the bass sounds like the drivers can’s scale back and need amount x of bass to produce bass. Bass is worse than Sennheiser Jubilee for my taste. Muddy compared to NDH20. Mids are okay and highs peek at specific freq. I sadly do not get why everyone likes these but if I would be a normal person I might be the happies person ever. The clarity is not that good but somehow it mixes to a 7/10 sound.

I returned the mx3 after 1 week. BUT it was a warehouse deal from amazon it changes something.

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I tried these at my local tech-shop and was surprised how bad they sound. The bass is super muddy and doesn’t go deep. Also there is so much mid-bass that I felt kind of sick. The clarity is also not good and there is very little detail. The anc works good but I would take a good IEM over it any day. Even a trn im2 for 12$ out of an iPhone sounds better than this headphone. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to get this for music. The only time where I would recommend it is if you watch movies on a plane.

Is there a way to get neumanns to have anc as good as these because my room has a wall ac unit so i kind of cant live without it now. However, I also wanted to replace my one more quads with neumanns because I kind of live with a headset on but have a roommate.