Sony z7 vs harmonicdyne Zeus

Wanna bassy, aggressive sound. Don’t care much about soundstage, listen to very bombastic orchestra music (example nier automata ost), 70s prog rock like King Crimson and Yes, and YouTube mashups and stuff (mainly weeb shit). Will run on an ifi zen dac

Havent listened to either but joshua valour (great review) loves the z7 and I think bass sounds way more aggressive on closed backs, it may be your pick.

I think this can be of help:

thank u for da reply

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I’ve been using Z7s as my main cans for about 2 years.

Probably the most comfortable headphones on earth, i wear them all day for work on various meetings, and most of the night for music & gaming. Even with all that use they’re totally fine, even the headbands and pads are still in good shape. Bassy for sure, it can get aggressive if you give them some juice but dont expect like, 5xx levels of “shouting at you”.

Dynamically they’re no slouch, kinda V shaped so some of the lower mid’s aren’t super pronounced, but the upper mids and bass are crazy.

I absolutely adore these headphones, I’ll probably keep these things until they totally fall apart, which could be eons based on how they’ve held up so far.

I’m sure my nighthawks have something to say about that statement

Anyways, thanks for the reply! I decided to just save for some cascades lol.