Soooo..... Comply has new tips

I just got an email about Comply having a new style of ear tip… I get where they are going, but at the same time… I can see it ruining your seal and screwing with your sound…

Comply™ Aware Pro SmartCore™
We understand you want to listen to music while exercising outside and hear what’s around you to stay safe.
Like other Comply tips, Aware Pro tips offer all day comfort and a secure fit. These tips allow you to hear outside surroundings while still funneling your audio for clear sound.
Are you worried about not being able to hear approaching cars, people trying to communicate with you, or even bad weather in the distance?
With Aware Pro tips, you can hear your surroundings, your audio and keep your earphones in your ears.

WTF…just WTF!


Seems like a liability to market as a safety feature if someone gets ran over still haha.

Why change something that ain’t broken?

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Then don’t wear IEM’s :man_shrugging:…nothing worse than trying to listen to your fav tunes with traffic in the background or people shouting at you.

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We don’t have sidewalks on most of the streets in my neighborhood, and I work in a cube farm so pretty quiet but usually my neighbor will be in mid-sentence before I can remove my IEMs and then ask him to start his question over. Having the option of non-critical listening times where I can still hear whats around me is great.

Might have to look into these for the office set of iems.

I mean tbh, this seems like it would appeal to the target market, and there is a demand. Who knows though, what if this just makes it so people start experimenting with more open back iems lol

I am ok with this might actually get more use out of my iems with this. I use earbuds at work cause ei need to hear both machines and co-workers and with this tip making that possible with iems I may be Into it. Sadly though foam tips make my ears itchy tmbut the lack of seal and more fair getting to my ears may help with that.

I got excited and then sad.