Sound Bar for causal gaming/content watching

Is there any good sound bars I can use for what I need? I’m looking for something under $300 but if there’s something better than a sound bar, please recommend it to me. I’d just prefer a sound bar to fit under my stacked monitors so it’s aesthetics as well. My monitors are 27" so I would like to not surpass that. Specifically I’m looking for a sound bar + subwoofer. I don’t mind if it’s open box, refurbished or new. I just want best bang for $300

Also I heard sound bars suck ass, is that true?

they are not great compared to speakers as a whole. and 27" will limit how good they are.

that being said.

i would recommend that over sony, lg, ect.

that is passive, you will need a cheap 50w amp. 150-160$ total. throw in a cheap sub of your choice for around 150$(lots of options) and will be below your 300$ limit.

but honestly, small bookshelves will fit with a small monitor riser and sound better.

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Especially for desk use.

Can you show me some bookshelf speakers also that you recommend?

The only reason I’m asking for a sound bar is because theres enough space for a sound bar to fit.

So I have a mini ITX case so thats going to be sitting on the right side of the desk. so how would I place the bookshelf speakers?

sideways under your monitor. depending on how big the micro itx case is, you may even get to go vertical.

on a side note, opposed to case on floor? or mounted under desk? or put a small stand in the back corner over your desk foot and set on top of it. without the micro itx case on top of the desk itself, you have many more options. just a suggestion.

what type of music do you listen to? opposed to a little DIY? 20$ in supplies + 100 DIY kit will net you much much better results then prebuilt bookshelves in that range.

edit: if you rarely listen to music, get the 200$ swan 2.1 system. that will be more then enough for casual gaming and content watching. you will be happy. ill try to find a link for it.


something like that or edifier version. they both have versions from around 130$ on up

The problem with the Swan’s is the “subwoofer” (which really isn’t) really has to be located centrally for the best experience.
And that doesn’t fit a LOT of setups

I have thought of buying a mount to screw into the desk and have it hang but that lowkey kind of scares me. I have the Loque Ghost S1 case if you were wondering.

I listen to a lot of hip-hop/anime intros/kpop/rock/pop, I’m down to try DIY as long as I can get it on black casing.

I just took a look at the speakers you sent and it looks like it comes in a wood color only, I’m trying to go for a black/pastel blue look so that probably won’t work for me. I’m super picky about it :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, link me the DIY kit if it beats another other prebuilts in my price range, i’d be happy to take a look! <3

that would be a nice setup for you.

the mk402’s are very good for their price. and one of the better, cheaper options for desktop. the sub would fit between your bed and desk i think.


i would use something like that as well. you would need 3 sets, 1 for each speaker and the sub.

i feel like i found my other half in you

Thanks for the help! I’ll grab this later down the year or next year, I still need to build the rest of my PC and room!

Much love and much appreciated <3

EDIT: Do I need anything else for speakers like those pad thingys?

LOL, I love every type of music as long as I fuck with it. I like giving every sub genre a chance so for like Hip-hop, I like Lofi, Boom-Bap, Trap, and everything in between.

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So first I just want to say that the recommended setup up there is probably waaaay better than this recommendation here. Second I want to say that I am a noob when it comes to speakers in general. With those disclaimers out of the way, I bought this Vizio soundbar for my TV setup about 2 years ago now. I understand this is a different setup from a computer, but I only ever use my headphones on my computer so…
Anyway, I think this soundbar punches above it’s weight, and even without a separate dedicated sub it gets loud and deep. If you are still looking, I think this is a great option around this price. If you want room shaking bass, it won’t deliver, but since I lived in an apartment that was never on the table for me.

Like I said. The Dayton’s will probably far outperform this thing, but it’s a really nice budget option IMO.

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you can get foam pads to put under them, i personally do not use them and have no issues. YMMV

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