Sound BlasterX G6 or X3 for DT990

Hello everyone, I am currently stuck deciding which of the 2 DAC/AMP’s I should purchase for my DT990 Pros 250 Ohms. I’ve heard better things about the X3 for my needs (Gaming 80%, Music 20%) but have also heard mixed things about that combo like it not having enough juice to power them, on the other hand the G6 I’ve heard has plenty of juice to power them but not some of the key features I’m interested in from the X3. Anyone have any input on this particular setup? Have also considered the Liquid Spark since I have an E10k I could use as the DAC for it but the features from both the Sound Blaster’s appeal to me more. Any other suggestions are welcome aswell. Thanks!

go with the Liquid Spark, or any of it’s competitors like the Magni 3+, Heresy, Atom, etc.

the SoundBlaster gear is more flash than performance.

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