Sound Engines - good, bad, ugly

I play almost exclusively FPS, currently Modern Warfare and Overwatch.

Ive noticed a HUGE difference in accuracy between the games. Overwatch’s engine is clean, consistent, and reliable. I know I can pinpoint where someone is if theyre being careless with a flank route. While in Modern Warfare, Im aware there are perks like dead silence, but I swear more times than not it doesnt play a role in whether or not I hear someone. Its absolutely wild. It feels very inaccurate, hard to judge distance etc.

I do find in MW using the the “dynamic home theater” setting does accentuate footsteps a bit, and isnt a wild eq. Though sometimes ill go back to the studio reference which they claim is flat.

What have you noticed about the sound engines in games you play?

Dead by Daylight makes me turn my head around lol

Dead by Daylight is my main game. Right on.

Is the sound engine built into the overall game/graphics engine? MW and Overwatch both have custom engines. @jacktdunlap and @Hazi59 talked about Dead By Daylight which is built on UE4.

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For the games I play. Insurgency and Day of Infamy are Source engine games so the normal lack of depth caveat applies here. They are mainly 2d. I don’t feel surround sound helped at all. 2 channel is much better.

Insurgency Sandstorm sound engine is awesome and one of its strengths. Not only in the quality of sounds but also positional awareness. Really this game sounds stunning. It’s just too bad they changed game play so much I don’t consider it a true sequel.

Quake Champions sound engine is laughable as is most everything in the game minus the actual gameplay which after the game has been out for so long it is actually balanced (at least for DM and duel). It’s just sad when quake live a game that’s ancient history does so many things better.

While uses a very generic sound engine rainbow six siege has by far one of my favorite sound designs . Doesn’t do anything especial virtual surround
Sound wise but it succeeds in telling
Me where people are , what armor level they are, where they are based on the surface and floor conditions the operators are stepping on, what floor they are above or below you base on subtleties ,what guns are being shot. I swear sound that game is literally half the game why so many streamers rock 990s and 1990s.

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