Sound profiles and genres

What kind of profile apply best for these genres: rock (soft rock to hard or metal rock), jazz (bbop or trumpet on focus or saxon focus), hiphop, pop, acoustic guitar music, instrumental with beats?

a very warm sound would probably work best for rock… i have heard before on forums like head-fi that grado headphones are just the KINGS of rock sounds (also if you ever want to get into classical sennheiser are perfect for that).
hip hop and pop though you will need a good amount of bass but not overly muddy bass… i dunno the exact headphones that will be perfect for that, probably something closed back and with a tight enough bass, maybe beyerdynamic?
Jazz is a difficult one because im not a big jazz fan (mostly just into the jazz funk fusions of hancock and miles), but from what i know you can’t go wrong with a midforward focused headphone, sennheiser can probably work wonders with this

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For Jazz and Blues I enjoy, Senn HD6XX, Fisher/Kennerton M12s, Monoprice M560.

If you feel the need to spend more $$$ and want something that works very well with all your listed genre’s the ZMF Auteur.

Interesting, I actually prefer slightly V shaped headphones with huge soundstage for harder rock, especially Metalcore. My Nighthawk Carbon are my favorite for this, and they seem to have a very slight V shape.

What’s the difference between the nighthawk and the nighthawk carbon

The carbon is the newer version of the nighthawk. They have similar technicalities but a different tuning, with the carbon generally being less strange and more agreeable. Build is almost identical, and the carbons come with a portable cable

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There is also a lengthy thread about the Nighthawk [Carbons] on the forums if you want to read banter and information about these headphones as well.

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for that I personally would go form something warm or W shaped

to be honest i actually really love the discussion of “best headphones for each genre”… i loved looking at this because its really cool to think about if you could have one headphone for each genre, and which were their master genre in their jack of all trades

grado is clearly rock
sennheiser has a lot of classical or jazz
beyerdynamic and audioquest have hip hop and pop

How about female vocals

what does w shaped mean?( new to audiophile term)

look up the Focal Stellia’s focal response. you’ll see a w ripple in the bass response rather than a rise and descent into mids / high’s like most.

Those letters are usually referring to a frequency graph, so a W would have a heightened low, mid, and high frequencies.
For other common examples, V-shaped would mean heightened low and high frequencies and flat means even or neutral throughout.


thank you.

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