Sound Screws - Affordable Sound Dampening?

they’re expensive for screws…but honestly, I suspect they’re about the same cost in the end as who’s going to redo all their drywall for sound proofing?


Hopefully the springs are made of “audiophile” quality metal and come with a PE insulation?..can never be too sure :face_with_monocle:

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well…honestly, we know this isn’t going to dampen any noisy neighbors because if you know these are installed, you’re just going feel comfortable turning the volume up just a wee bit more, LoLoLoL! :wink:

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I’ve seen this pop up recently. It’s definitely interesting to see more and more techniques to battle sound proofing.

Looks interesting but they aren’t OF silver so they won’t sound any good.

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What? That is how you were always supposed to install drywall when used as soundproofing/isolation: springy or rubbery contacts between the isolating piece and the wall it’s supposed to isolate you from. Soundproofing is always based on a mass-spring-mass structure. Unless they forgot to mention some crazy sci-fi details, this sounds like they just reinvented the wheel. :neutral_face:

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can you link to what you’re talking about?

There’s a variety of solutions, but when this is done right there’s always something elastic between the soundproofing drywall and the studs attached to the wall behind, so the drywall can “float” and not reproduce all the vibrations coming in from the other room or space.

Some go all-out on foam-based assemblies just to be sure. :slight_smile:

MG screws… The MG is for magnets… :stuck_out_tongue:

my dad tried to use isolation rails once, but he couldn’t figure them out.

the screws are a bit different as they are spring loaded, so in some ways they will actively absorb sound in addition to the space they create.

it is interesting, all these things.

I think a hay bale house, with hay bale interior walls would fix all issues with sound though…minus what bounces down the hallway and bleeds through your closed door.

Yeah but then the Big Bad Wolf shows up…