Sound signature and music genres

for different music genres mainly rock, classical, jazz, pop, country, blues, punk and metal, what specific sound characteristic and sound signature should I look for in future headohones. For example I have heard jazz requires wide Soundstage, don’t know how much that’s true Sorry if it’s a noob question but I am a noob in the headphone world

It’s more a matter of personal preference, what value you place on particular elements of the sound.
Rock/Metal/EDM some people like elevated Bass, but it depends a lot on what you are used to.

I don’t know if i have some preference since I haven’t used like some good headphones yet. I use Sony wh-1000xm4 and I actually enjoy music on it. I know they aren’t considered that good but it’s my only proper headphones

Start with how much you want to spend on headphones?
Do you have a separate Amp/DAC? do you want one? what budget?

Will be deciding budget soon. I just wanna know type of headphones are better for which genres

As I said it’s not really the right question, your going to have to either try a few things or buy blind.
depending on the price range there are some “safe” bets, but a lot of people end up buying a lot of entry level headphones to better understand what they like.
Take Jazz for example, that’s not really one Genre, you have everything from Ella Fitzgerald to Bill Frizell. They could be more intimate recordings, and possibly you might want a more relaxed sound.
For Rock/Metal, you might want more impact/increased Bass response.
But unless you want heavily colored headphones, that doesn’t preclude a single headphone being good for both.

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