Sound so loud it boils water instantly

I wonder what some real world applications for this would be.

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Similar Tech but scaled down is used in riot weaponry. Sonic weapons for crowd dispersal

Probably made to be used in warfare, to kill someone by boiling their blood.

Sounds like cavitation with extra steps.

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Smell’s like click bait allover.

" The scientists used SLAC’s powerful X-ray laser to blast tiny jets of water with short pulses of high frequency energy. When the x-rays hit the microscopic stream of water they instantly vaporized the water molecules around them like spit on a hot skillet.

So use x-ray’s on water = things happening in water, things moving -> create sound.

created an underwater sound so loud that it instantly vaporizes water and appears to set the threshold for how intense sound can be in water. "

My belly also creates sound that smells, pretty bad sometimes. Think of that, actual sound that smells. Next level shit.

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