SoundblasterX G6 or Schiit Hel?

Hi folks,
I own my Beyerdynamic MMX300 Gen 2 headset, and I look forward to grabbing some DAC. I want to hear all suggestions from all of you whether which one I should go for.

FYI: I usually prefer more casual gaming and listening to music rather than comepetitive gaming. The genre of music I prefer to are classical rock, modern rock, pop, and sometimes heavy metal.

Hello there the Hel is good for portability and something that doesn’t require a lot of power to run.

Have you thought about the future? the magni\modi would be a great combo that doesn’t cost all that much or the ifi zen dac v2 for a combo unit both of these would be great as an upgrade path incase you decide to get a different or better gaming headset or even a nice pair of cans with a standalone mic. and they only cost about 200$ for either option i mentioned

but my vote is for the schiit hel if thats where your budget lies.

hope this helped