🔷 Soundcore Life Q30

This is the official thread for the Soundcore Life Q30

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Wireless
  • Closed Back
  • BlueTooth

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I just bought one on sales (50€) for my wife.
The sound Sig is not to my taste but the ANC is not bad and the app is nice.

In one of Oluv’s videos on his yt chanel (Oluv’s gadgets) titled best wireless headphone of 2020 you can see for a moment eq he uses that brings sound of q30 closer to neutral. This moment is in the middle of the video and can be found with a video hotspots graph.

Honestly Oluv overhyped the f out of these, there’s no way to make them compete with thousand dollar wired headphones (or $200 lol) BUT they do have competent ANC, massive battery, transparency and integrated eq for like $70.

Also they’re actually pad swappable (you have to destroy the og pads and use the ring but whatever, I hated those), do get some that are properly sealed or the anc gets iffy tho.

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I watched the video from oluv , and while is EQ sounds better, it wasn’t there yet to my taste. So I fiddled a little with it, and here is my results:

I tuned it on “rolling in the deep” by Adele. I aimed for something neutral to get better details, and added some bass boost to match my wife’s supposed taste.

Any proposition for improvement is welcome.