Soundstage headphones

Looking for headphones with a balanced warm slightly bassy sound signature with a wide soundstage

Hmm, what budget are you thinking and what would you be powering them with?

Liquid spark and a d10

Under 300 would be the budget

Open or closed

Hmm, the modhouse argons come to mind, along with the audioquest nighthawks. The x2’s also come to mind but I much prefer the above options personally

I think M0N nailed it.
Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon have a really wide soundstage with a 3D like imaging feeling.
Same goes for the Modhouse Argon. They are even wider from what I hear, with that cool imaging feeling.

Be wary of the X2HR, it’s narrower than its predecessors.

the description really sound like the argons. i think the argons over the nighthawks

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I’ve only ever used closed backs but i wouldnt mind recommendation for either

The only downside to the Argon is the wait time is really long since they are custom made by one guy.

You can find them used typically

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True. If I was to get them though I would want brand new. Just preference though.

Koss Porta Pro with Yaxi Pads

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Sure if you’re on a tight budget. But if you have this much to spend…

Keep your eye out for a used argon mk3

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What’s the difference between fostex t50 and the argon

The T50 is the stock headphone. It isn’t great on its own, but people started discovering that it was very good when they modified it.
Argon sound like completely different headphones than the T50. Incredibly wide, with a bit of a V shape, elevated bass and amazing bass extension, and really good detail in the treble.
The stock T50 is narrower, not much bass, and more geared towards detail in the highs.
You can look up some reviews on the differences, especially Z Reviews, he has good ones on the different T50 mods.

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What exactly is v shape?

V shape refers to the low end, bass, being elevated, more noticeable. The mid frequencies, midrange, is dialed back, less noticeable. The high end, treble, is elevated, more noticeable.
Here’s a quick video explaining it.

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