Soundsystem Reccomendation for PC

since i got my reccomendation for my Headphones (BD DT880) & DAC (FIO5K Pro) from this forum and still really happy with it. I give it antoher try :slight_smile:

Now im looking for a soundsystem for my PC Setup.
I thought about 2 speaker and a Sub but I have no idea about the matter and what specific differences there are. (Budget arround 300)

I also searched here for a guide or maybe a tier list for speaker and subs but didnt found somehting.

I just want to connect the speaker and sub to my PC i guess the connection shouldn’t matter.

  • If i can connect it by bluethooth

Hope this is enough information.

Something like Edifier S351DB set could be something to look for or any similar easy solutions.
You can use Bluetooth or DACs line out. This unit has those.

Set’s like this usually has subwoofer unit as “connection center” and speakers are connected to sub.
Easy setup, budget friendly with ok sound.

Anything better would mean better sub with line out to active speakers.
Or additional AMPs for passive speakers and then sub unit. Double budget easy.

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Whats the diffrence between active an passive speaker?

An active speaker is a self-amplified and powered speaker requiring AC power to one or both speakers. A passive speaker is a speaker that requires amplification from an amplifier.

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there are some questions we need to ask to help you with this.

what’s your budget?
how far apart are the speakers going to be?
how / where are they going to be placed on your desk?
can you share a picture of your desk setup?

most nearfield setups don’t usually need a sub as you’re so close, but if you do want the option, you;ll need to make sure the powered speakers have a sub out or that the amp for passive speakers has one.