Source for 1m-1.5m 4.4mm female to 4-pin XLR male?

Any ideas for a 4.4mm pentaconn to 4-pin XLR balanced adapter? Preferably something that isn’t $170.

I’m currently using the Youkamoo adapter cable that Zeos has but it’s too short at 12". I’d rather not have a 3-piece cable solution if I can avoid it.

Or alternatively, a 2m IEM 2-pin 0.78 to XLR, but I don’t think those exist.

Did build mine myself because of this reason :joy:
You can get the Pentacon connectors for 5 bucks on ebay

Yeah, that sounds like a DIY or custom job. If the only object is keeping cost down, some thing like this - could be useful with a cheap 4 pin XLR cable. It’s not the solution you’re looking for, but it would take up less space than the Youkamoo adapter.

If you’re game to make one yourself, some cheap connectors and star quad cable would do the job admirably. Hell, I could probably make one for you at cost depending on shipping.