Speaker Amp Dusty?

I recently saw a paramount zamp v3 used for $75 on Facebook marketplace. However it looks very dusty as shown in this link Pic
The seller says it’s still in good working condition. Does the dust negatively affect the amp and cause it not to work?

If you clean it there should be no issues, parasound gear is pretty great and that’s also a very very good price (kinda suspiciously so lol). It does look fairly beat up tho

If it was metal dust, it could.

Give the housing a wipe with a damp (not wet!) cloth. Depending on how far you are willing to go, open it up and give it a blast with an air can, compressor or any other blower.
Do not use a vacuum cleaner as they build up static that could kill electronics.

Yea the price is what makes me suspicious and the pictures didn’t help lol. I’ll ask if he can demo it to make sure it works in person to be sure.

If I only clean the outside and not the inside could the dust that fell through the vent holes be dangerous?

You would want to take the cover off and clean out the inside as well with compressed air if possible. If you had it unplugged and didn’t touch the components inside you should have no issues

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Would using something like this work?Link

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Would work just fine, any compressed air can would work

Yep. Any compressed air can without cleaners of some sort in it is fine.