Speaker Amps with Sub-Outs that High Pass the Speakers?

I swear they are nearly non-existent. does anyone know of any, especially under $500? I’m not sure if even the smsl sa400 ($600+ speaker amp) or the smsl vmv A2 ($800+ speaker amp) don’t seem to have a high pass. It annoys me to no end that subwoofer outs are included that don’t even cut off the lows from the speakers. It’s not a 2.1 computer system, cut off the lows on the speakers or don’t include the sub out, I don’t want to pay for that or crappy integrated bluetooth!

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I know amps where you can High-Pass on some channels and Low-Pass on others.
The one amp I am aware that can serve 2.1 by itself is the Apart Champ Four, which AFAIK was never release for the US market.

I am not aware of an Amp that passes on just the Bass.


I suppose it is an option, it totally blows that all these sub outs on all these amps don’t do anything for the speakers though. powered speakers do it, so obviously it’s possible. ugh.

They exist. Onkyo TX-8270, maybe TX-8260. Usually found more on AV receivers than desktop amps. Found more often on stuff over $500. Can look into mini-dsp products as well. Also some subs have a high pass filter. You just send your signal to the subs and then from the subs to the speakers.

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The only fairly modern amp I can think off is the Bluesound Powernode which is an all in one streaming amp.
Apart from AV receivers there isn’t really much out there, which might be a good thing since badly integrated high pass filtering can do much more bad than good (phase shift for example).

Another option would be using a minidsp HD as your preamp/dac and connect the sub and your amp to the minidsp. You don’t necessarily need a power amp for that, you can keep using your normal amp at a fixed volume.

I would just let the speakers play down to what frequency they are able to and let the sub do the rest. I will probably get a sub too in the next weeks, because my LS50 don’t go that far down, even in my desk setup


Crown XLS filters high pass if im not mistaken. Deftec 8in discontinued sub is on sale amazon. Dont know if its a good sub.

a DAC manufacturer offered hipass would be awesome.

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Yea the better units do it well. Maybe change for the supreme / master race of speakers?

Some DAC/preamps can basically hipass but still in powered speaker world.
They also near the 1k price point.

a minidsp hd will be in my next system, and emotiva subs are good for that

I plan on using a minidsp HD, and I recommend the emotiva se8/se12, they have built in high pass filters through the rca in/outs for ez integration

emotiva se8/se12 have highpass’ built in, they are SOLID subs.

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you have to buy direct, keeping the international members in mind. But for sure emotiva go for the 10in or larger.

10?? I don’t think they sell a 10

For sure they got a 10 ill check.

Nope, youre right have to jump to a 12 for that line. They have an 11 buts its $1000 greenbacks.

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NAD D3045 does some basic bass management although I believe it must be done through the remote.

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Smsl A300 40hrz . So i guess you can hipass towers . Lol

I‘m planning and working towards a setup with high passed mains.

What you only need is a 4 or more channel DAC, a power amp and a PC or raspberry Pi.

The MOTU M4 is a really good option as a DAC but you would have to use digital volume control since it only can control outputs 1&2 with the knob.
The most Hi-Fi friendly option is the Topping DM7.

You only need something like EqAPO or CamillaDSP on a raspberry Pi and setup your high pass and low pass filters.

If all of that is too complicated you can just get an analog crossover like an LD Systems X 223 or DBX 223 Xs. They are audibly transparent and let you high and low pass the DAC‘s/ Preamp‘s signal (with a 24dB/octave slope/ 4th order LR crossover)