Speaker broken or breaking in?

Should you break in a new bookshelf speakers with the subwoofer connected to the system?
It should be a good one

One might argue.
Why two separate systems should be used together if someone is breaking in speakers?
We thinking about the technical side or listening side?

You could just run speakers to breaking them and not even listen to them before. They could run them in like a basement like Zeos does for hours and hours.
So in the end it should not make any difference to subwoofer being used or not.

If you are breaking in new shoes. Should you use old underwear with them?
Cant see the old underwear having any effect to the shoe.
Same with speakers and subs if just breaking them in.
One does not effect the other unless both are factory new, maybe then.

Even if they fully blend together. You should have a idea where the sub starts and speakers end, still being two different things.

Now that’s funny! :rofl:

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