Speaker choice for bedroom

Hello, sorry if this is not in the right place on the forum, new here.

I need powered speakers, they will be used on the TV (wich has the PC connected via HDMI also); will be listened at a ~3meter distance.
I narrowed it down to about 3 pairs, dont live in the US so availability of different models is limited.

  • Klipsch r51pm
  • Adam t5v
  • JBL 306 mkII

I would prefer if the discussion would center around the first 2, im really not a fan of black piano plastic.
As i said, ~3m distance, movies/games/music (i listen to many genres, no preference there).

Thanks for any input.

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What kind of listen are you doing? Music, movies, games,or TV? I tend to keep it simple in bedrooms since they are a relaxing environment so my setup is a simple sonus beam. If you are doing more critical listening I think any of the 3 you have listed would do nicely.

Well, the bedroom is pretty much the living room, so all the listening, whatever it may be, will be done there. I dont need a very loud speaker also, but I guess all of those handle volume well enough anyways.

The idea is for a allaroud setup, I just cant find any comparasion between them, only individual reviews. From what I gathered, the Adam seen better overall, but is quite limited with inputs compared to the klipsch.
They are around the same price here.

hey there!

Im using Kanto yu4’s at the moment, they’re an active speaker that’s connected to my tv for when I watch movies. They have bluetooth and aux if you want to listen to music from an audio source and a phono input if you have turntable as well!! It comes with a remote which you can use to switch between the input modes.

They’re nice and compact but sound great for the price and size. If you need it to be louder, they also have the ‘yu6’ which is bigger. They also sell a sub separately if you choose to upgrade later, but they have plenty of bass already and can be adjusted with the remote.

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Cannot find Kantos where I live, actually looked but nothing at all, used to be able to find yamahas too but they are all gone aswell.

Had almost forgotten about the remote wich the klipsch have too… the Adams really seem like the wrong choice, it just have such great reviews that I dont want to give up on it.

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It’s not a direct comparison video vs live sound but might point out the differences, between them.
Should have many comparison with the 3 models mentioned.

yeah i went back and listened again, both have a video comparasion against the AirPulse A100, they seen pretty close, whatever it may be worth the perception i got was the klipsch faired better than the Adams, at least in the mid/hight focus tracks…the Adam seemed a bit neutered, maybe i just prefer brighter speakers tho