Speaker covers rattle

Got a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2, after half a year I just started blasting some heavy bass tracks.

The grills rattle, they’re held with magnets. No EQ, no bass boost, just dirty songs.
It’s not the magnets apparently. The mesh is slapping against the frame.
I can’t keep them off because they’re on a desk and need the protection.

What do?

In the meantime I’ll send a message to the store, maybe there’s a refresh on the grills or something.

The rattle sound stops when grills are not used?
Do you have picture of the grill structure or just the rear of it. What might be hitting what and so on.

The mesh is slapping on a cross brace of the frame.
It stops when I put my finger right where it happens. Both speakers, one more than the other.

I have 2 solutions in mind, both are somewhat distructive.

  1. Cut the cross brace. Should fix it permanently. Not sure if it void warranty.
  2. Glue the mesh. The glue will probably sip out and show in the mesh, and eventualy could wear out anyway.

Or 3rd, contact manufacturer. But I don’t want to return/waste time with warranty stuff.

Here’s a picture of the culprit

Probably cutting brace might remove overall warranty? Depends of the return policy.
Does not effect the speaker of course but if they want grills also back…
Glue could work BUT might leave visible traces. How the fabric absorbs it and so on.
Carefully selecting proper one, strong and none staining. Not much is needed and it holds as long it holds. Repeat if needed.

One idea could be if you find same colored and thin sewing thread and hand sewing it along the hole brace, few knot’s & can be removed. Since it does not to be “that hard connection” as long it say’s against the brace.

If anything and everything goes “to the fan” big time. Making a new fabric cover ain’t that bad since you have the frame. Could use tiny bit thicker fabric and or just tighter same type better so it does not move so much.

I sent the store a message, they’re a dealer for the brand, see what they say.

You gave me the idea to build my own covers instead of messing with these. If I ever want to sell them, people are going to try and nickel and dime just because the covers are “damaged”.

I think that brace is just not necessary, over engineering on the frame actually ruined it. The mesh will move no matter what you do to it if not attached properly, might aswell not put anything in its path.