Speaker placement question

looking at the desk setup in this post, how would the wall affect the sound of the speaker beside it and, would a front ported speaker be better or worse than a rear port in this scenario?

It’s pretty poor location to begin with.
Not just the wall being on the right but just behind the back as well.

Few pictures to demonstrate.

Even with distances, location also depends on speakers.
You can have specific speakers or monitors to be rear ported and even being 2" from the wall.
That added room bass just needs to be taken care off.

But first things first.
Everything should be moved away walls. Match distances to good speaker placement.
Then worry about speaker ports. Placements first then actual speakers.

Even if being able to EQ everything to better… everything in that placements field should be changed.

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you can build a sweet spot with any set of speakers in just about any position. the only thing that differs from one set up to another is how easy that spot is to build. my desktop speakers are 20 inches apart, one is up against a wall, one isnt. one is closer to me then the other. i have flawless soundstage, seperation, and 0 boom. those speakers are going to reflect no matter where you place them. all that matters is getting them to reflect the right way for you.

edit: if you were to look at my desktop setup, you would be like wtf. neither one points at me in my chair. until i get around to building a new, better desk. it works. and it works very well.

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