Speaker positioning for desk setups

Background: currently I use a pair of ELAC B5 speakers with my 27-inch monitor for my desk PC setup. On my current desk, I have enough room that they’re all in a neat row next to each other. However, i’m contemplating an upgrade - one option includes going to a big 42" OLED TV.

What this leaves me is putting the speakers behind and above the TV, angled a bit downwards (and upside down), pointing at my seating position… If I did do that, how much of a sacrifice would it be from a sound quality perspective?

for the most part, as long as they are equal distance roughly to the listening position, they can be anywhere. the more awkward the positioning, the more you may, and tend, to have to mess with angling to keep the soundstage.

If you can maintain the equilateral triangle in speaker position. You should be good.
Then aim speakers to listening position.

If the distance to walls aint correct right now (what B5 is recommenced) no need to worry.
Distance changes have different room effects.
Movable arms / mounts is a solution to help with positioning/tilting (might need DIY).

Conceptually, this is kind of what I would be looking for positionally:

My main concern is that if I do this the imaging of the speakers will become very… strange if I do go with this sort of overhead positioning.

The alternative I’ve considered is laying the speakers on their side then putting the panel on top of that, but I’m not sure if that’s better or worse.

It’s pretty easy to test, the imaging part. Plus add some tilt.
Just sit on the floor or on books etc and listen how different sitting height change the imaging part in current speaker location. You kinda move that same situation up.

You should notice the elevation change. Where the sound comes but left, center and right should still work like previously.

elevation/distance/upsidedown. none of it matters to soundstage. a few feet apart to create one, and proper angling. ie start with them pointed straight out. angle in and out to whatever end gives you the biggest soundstage.

edit: a pair of speakers will always have a soundstage. you just have to find it sometimes. and sometimes its harder to find the more awkward the placement is of the speakers. a little bit of elevation just adds a second factor of angles. nothing more.

what about some stands beside your desk? or perhaps, with the monitor upgrade comes a desk upgrade as well?

The physical space itself is kind of constrained, so trying to work out more space is… a challenge. That’s not really possible.

do you have enough space on the wall, either side of where the larger screen will go, to mount some wall stands?

The wall in question is… sufficiently old that I don’t have a lot of confidence in putting any weight on it. Maybe if it was a smaller satellite, but not bookshelf speakers.

any of your 3 pictures will work. they make anchor screws, they help secure things to shady walls. you can also get a monitor riser and put them under the monitor.

check for studs and screw into them rather than walls.

I’m guessing, when you say ‘sufficiently old’ you mean they’re probably plaster, not gyprock?

my desk placement is fucked as well. i have 1 speaker pointed at me and one speaker angled away because they are not equal distance to me. my soundstage is huge and rock solid. as long as you can have them separated at all a little, your good to go.

you can have your speakers be on your desk bookending your monitor and have 0 soundstage and a horrible experience if you point them both towards the side walls for instance. they dont care where they are. you go to a live concert at an arena, and all the speakers are above your head. doesnt sound like the music is coming from above you. you will be fine with anything resembling any of your 3 pictures.

More like low quality wood that’s had termite problems in the past…

I live in the Philippines so our houses and walls are built a bit differently.

hang from the ceiling?