Speaker recommendation for topping mx3

i’m looking for speaker to pair with topping mx3
my budget at range 250-300$

my use case is form optical input TV --> Topping–> Speaker, my use case mainly to watch movie and playing games form ps4, occasionaly playing music form usb input or streaming form smartphone using bluetooth

sorry for bad english

Where do you live or shop so we know where you can buy speakers?
It is not the same price in USA or UK or China.

i’m in indonesia, based on research around my budget (300usd-ish)and avaliable is q acoustic 3010, elac b5, and if i push my budget around 400usd i can have klipsch R-51M, elac b6, polk audio s15

I would say Elac B6.2

what the difference elac b6 vs b6.2 in my country only b6 is avaliable

B6.2 are new version of B6, have a port on front side vs back.
It is better if you can’t move it from back wall.

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ok thanks for the answer, maybe i will wait for the B6.2 and find offline store to compare with the B6

KEF Q300 + Sub
is what I use

The Debut B6.2 or B5.2 are fine

Are Wharfdale available there.?