Speaker recommendations for big space, 5.25", 6", and up

Was having trouble finding well reputed bookshelf speakers (not floor-standing) with a 6" woofer. I understand that the larger drivers can often reach much lower but my main concern here is volume and efficiency. Would love a pair of speakers that can fill medium to large spaces.

I’d most likely pair them with a subwoofer to round out that low end, so if a speaker doesn’t touch the toes of frequency that’s alright.

Please recommend anything you think is worth looking at below or around $350. Room size is tough to nail down because it’s a living room that joins pretty openly into the kitchen, so total maybe a 16’ by 30’ space? Off the top of my head.

I’m alright with any 5.25" woofer having speakers you think might fit the bill, but I’m also generally interested in seeing what 6" options arise, I can’t seem to find many well priced options for that driver size.

Oh, and I don’t care if they’re powered or passive, long as they fit the bill.

Which brands are well reputed ?

To fill the room as you say you’re going to need something with high efficiency. Yes a larger woofer = mo’ better as it will help to fill. The problem isn’t finding the right speaker, the problem is the budget.

Given what you’re looking for and not knowing anything about your current gear and musical tastes. (which would help in the recommendation you’ll get)

I’d shoot from the hip and say find a pair of used or open box Klipsch RP 600 M.


The two I’ve tried around the 350 mark are the Elac debut 6.2 and Triangle br03. They’re both pretty nice and potential front runners at this price point.

Depending on your preferences and gear and placement I could potentially rec either one.

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Poorly phrased, I don’t care about brand name specifically, I simply meant speakers that a good number of folks have tried and found to be of quality.

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Definitely an open-ended request. Gear wise nothing fancy, just a big room, a 12" sub, and a 160W per channel amp with nothing big and gorgeous to push in that larger space.

Content wise, I play hopscotch on the spectrum of music. Metal, the right country, classical or baroque stuff, weeb anime openings, so on and so forth. That and if I place these in the space I mentioned it’ll be connected in part to a TV and probably end up playing movies as well.

TL;DR: idk man, I listen to lots of stuff. I’ve got an SA-98e and a Bic f12 sub for this proposed 2.1

Gotcha, klipsch RP-160 clearence on black friday $289. Mulled over using center channels for stereo. 1 klipsch RP-150C going for $250 so a pair will set you back $500.


Actually @Flaculence good call… I’d completely forgotten about black friday deals being around the corner, definitely an easy target that $350


The RP600m dip down to $368 greenbacks so id wait to see if they go on sale next month, get those OP instead of the older gen RP-160s. Wannah suggest neumi bs5 but waiting on another forum member that ordered a set for 2.1 desktop to see if its a good buy and im not just hearing things, $89 shekels. With 150w should make the neumis scream like a angry banshee.

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Hey, you ever hear back about the Neumis?

Yep, says so far so good in the what did you buy today thread. hopefully he will give a long term update. Read some posts on another review forum. Postive feedback, in fact they are reporting that the neumis are the better speaker than the micca stuff including the RB42 .

That’s pretty crazy, I mean from the stuff I’ve read the RB42 seems like a great value speaker. If an $89 speaker can beat or match that AND it comes with a larger 5" woofer…damn.

The biggest praises I hear about the RB42 are about the bass in such a small bookshelf, I think the little I’ve heard about the Neumi says they need a bit of help in the low end which necessitates a sub to really round things out. I know eventually a big 6" driver is what I’d like, but it’s really hard to not go out and buy a pair of these just to see what they’re like.

Any reports of chuffing from the front ports? These would be in a larger space and possibly subject to a bit of higher volume play.

At the moment i dont have enough amp to test, maybe after black friday. think one of the members on the Review forum said they did detect chuffing but dont quote me. Not sure if politics is envolved but they favored the nuemis over the miccas with some back and forth defending the miccas.

Whatever you do dont get into home theater, starting to second thought my main setup by not going with towers for the floor channels and klipsch rb-81 bookshelves for the atmos channels.