Speaker Recommendations for Canadians

Now looking for a pair of “decent” speakers, considering I’m using Logitech Z5500 surrounds I’m thinking anything I’m about to list is going to be better than what I have. Also have a Sony STR-D590 (was free) so 6-8 Ohms. I’m sitting pretty close as well maybe 5-6 ft. All listed prices are in Canadian monopoly money.

Neumi BS5 - $175.00 - With import fee’s ($50) drives these up to the same as next listing.
Micca RB42 - $179.99

JBL Stage A130 - $350.00
Jamo S 803 - $360ish

ELAC D2.0 5.2 - $399.99
ELAC D2.0 6.2 - $469.99

Klipsch R500 - $599.99
ELAC Reference - $699.99
Triangle Br03 - $699.99
Klipsch R600 - $799.00

Now does not seem like the time to be buying speakers. I’m leaning towards the Jamo’s but would maybe get the Triangles if they were on sale. I’m Klipsch adverse, it’s a bias I’ve not been able to get over (their retail prices are crazy). I’ve watched too many speaker reviews in the last week. Is there anything I’m missing?

Just tell me what do do!

Cheap speakers are great if you supplement with subwoofers.

What are they for music or movies. 50/50?

If you plan on a sub get the cheap speakers. No sub, ELAC 6.2. Then think about dual subwoofers down the line. You can get away with alot having a sub and a reciever running budget speakers.

Have you considered used speakers? I own 3 pairs of Jamo c607. It’s their older speaker ~2008, but it’s from there higher end concert series. In my opinion, the concert series is huge step up from the S series. My last pair only cost me $300 CAD and they scale well. They retailed for over $2k CAD a decade ago. Make sure you get the c607 and NOT the c605 though.

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Should have already mentioned that already have a sub (Sony SACS9) that I got for less than half of it’s retail value. So then what would be the recommendation between the Neumi’s and the Micca’s? Even I would prefer the Neumi’s considering walnut goes with nothing I have and would look out of place. I don’t really need “budget” speakers I could get almost whatever I want (under $800) it’s just what is “good” and can I find it up here.

Used Kef LS50s could be cheap if you can find any

I have considered used speakers but I would have to monitor every used outlet up here in Canadia and I’ve noticed they want around the same price I could just get new stuff for. Been looking at:

https://www.kijiji.ca - Not really trustworthy

So far nothing has popped up that I would even consider. Not really wanting floor standing speakers but I would consider if they were the right price.

Funny that you should mention that there’s a pair for $750 CAD but would have to drive a couple Provinces (States) over to get them.


Either speaker will do now take the money you saved by going budget speaker and add another Identical sony subwoofer is my take.

Both brands have matching centers. The neumis are cheaper and bigger woofers. The miccas have more rigid cabinets and brand reputation for being good sounding.

Right now ive got the neumis for (BS5-CS5) L/C/R with dual front firing rear ported JBL 10in subs spread at 130in 6ft from the MLP.

Sounds pretty damn good for (US) $158.00 L/C/R lol. they zap the power though running straight receiver.

Id use both micca neumi for firewood compared to a big bookshelf from ELAC klipsch etc.

Any recommendations in the $300 CAD to $650 range besides the ELACs and the Triangles? The cheap speakers sound like a good idea but I just see future surrounds.

Z should re-review those Jamo’s in the basement see if he still feels the same about them (like he doesn’t have enough to do).

Theres SVS, the primes get good reviews. Wharfedale if you can get a deal. Big cabinets min 5in driver for me if you are spending more than $250.

Moved RP600m to a 2.0 tv setup. They play louder full and more detailed on a nothing SMSL AD18 through appleTV compared to micca/neumi.

SVS Primes seem to be sold individually up here so they’re $800+ for the pair putting them in the realm of the Klipsch RP-600M. The prime satellites are $420-450 for the pair. I’ll have to look at reviews of the Wharfedales.

If only I could just audition the Jamo’s S 803’s ($300 + $60 shp) vs the JBL Stage A130 ($350) vs the ELAC 6.2 ($469) vs the Triangle BR02 ($650) because those seem to be the only speakers to be found up here in my price range. I could have a schizoid embolism thinking about this.

There is a sale at costco for the kef LSX for $999. I have seen the used LS50 hit under $600 CAD, but they’re pretty expensive to power correctly.

I agree that the many of the used sellers here are asking for ridiculous prices. You have to be very patient and quick to score good deal.

Not really interested in wireless speakers (don’t have a Costco card either) but thanks anyways. If I get over the thousand dollar range I might as well start looking at floor standing speakers (no where to put them). Then that can quickly escalate to over two thousand.

EDIT: Either way now doesn’t seem like a good time to buy, no good deals anywhere.

Q acoustic 3010 ? Good review from joentell and a forum member says there great. Seem like a bigger rb42.

The jamo on paper look good 87db 5in driver 1in tweeter front ported, cabinet about same dimensions as a r51 1lb heavier, even dual binding post.

Why not towers ? Sony SSCS3 jamo S809.

Those Sony’s don’t get good reviews as far as I know, and the Jamo’s would be almost $1200 by the time you pay shipping and import. Not even covering the fact I’ve really got no place to put them.

Steve guttenberg did a review recently.

Looked at Guttenburg’s channel he looked at the SS-CS5 not too long ago which everyone has given good reviews. Ugh do I need more Sony gear…

I’d have to look at reviews for the Q Acoustics but on Amazon.ca only walnut is available. Funny enough on Ebay.ca those Jamo 809’s would cost $460 CAD for the pair but the shipping would be $600. It’s just enough to drive a guy insane.

My lair is where miccas and neumis go to die. Id go looney if i had to pay the prices you guys have to up there. Fingers crossed.:crossed_fingers:

:grimacing: IDK man, $600 is steep. Got to go back to chifi and buying another matching subwoofer.

$500 gets you bookshelfs and a extra sub. Thats pretty much a set of towers. $100 can go toward a center.