Speaker replacement advice

Hello, I am thinking about changing my speakers as I am not pleased with how they sound and because I think one is about to break (it took some damage and once in a while the woofer starts cracking if not completely stopping).

Setup: Topping E30 DAC → Rebel Audio Headphone amp as pre → Onkyo A9010 (EU version)
The speakers I want to replace: Focal Chorus 705V

What I do not like about them is that I don’t think they are exciting. I believe they are kind of flat and made to run with a sub. The low end sound too tight for me and I feel the highs are not as airy as I like them. For reference, the sound I like is very close to my Hifiman Ananda but I do like some bass as long as it is not muddy or messing with the mids.

Scouting around on the Internet I have stumbled across a few recommendation in the price 500$ price range, and I am worried that if I would go for a speaker at a lower price point, say at 300$ or lower, it won’t sound sound better than my Focal. Example here would be the Jamo s803.

Anyway the speakers I am considering right now are these, in order of preference:

  • Jamo C 93ii
  • Kilpsch RP600m
  • Wharfadale Diamonds 12.2
  • SVS Prime

My aim is to have more clean bass without having to buy a subwoofer and without sacrificing trebles.
I am focusing on the 500$ price range but I don’t know if my current setup would truly benefit from it. Should I go for something cheaper? I can’t understand how my Focal compare to these speakers. Any advice is very welcome.

Cheers =)

Gene from audioholics thinks no speaker even floorstanders are complete without subwoofer.

Another thing to consider is hows the room acoustics ? Im learning the room should be addressed before throwing more money at gear. How big is your room ?

I believe that too. My room is not very big anyway but I don’t want my system to be tailored to this apartment. I am renting and my plan is not to stay here for long. I am just looking for a decent pair of speakers which can be used as a decent start for new one.

I guess then I should go for something cheaper. Actually my original plan was to add a cheap sub, the Polk PSW10 but then I remembered that my speakers may be breaking soon.

Dont have much experience with the 6in speaker market. I do own the klipsch 600s my home theater is based around them. If you can get a deal for $400, the older model RP160 go on sale $299. Jamo got a five star review from zeos, personally like the styling, crutchfield is selling those for $249. whardales have good reviews the SVS ultras too by the home theater segment. Between the two, whardales win out at $599. If you want treble and bass cant go wrong with klipsch.