Speaker request

I’m looking for a pair of near field desk speakers to complete my audiophile setup. I was hoping those who know of some speakers that meet my personal requirements can comment and those who have my same request can learn as well. My requirements are as follows (sorry in advance, I’m picky)

  • I want the price to be around $300 and definitely under $400.
  • As I mentioned, I would like them to be capable of delivering good sound while being used in a near field desk setup.
  • I want them to look really good (like the Kanto Tuk but without the price premium) and possibly be available in white (bonus)
  • I would like them to be bass heavy enough so that they do not require a sub, but if that isn’t possible, my second choice is that they have a sub out option.
  • I would like them to be small enough to use on a smaller sized desk.
  • I would like them to be active as that would simplify the amount of equipment I need to buy.

If anyone knows a pair of speakers that would fit these requirements, please share, you’re knowledge is much appreciated!

The last thing I have to comment is that I am looking for a pair of speakers that are not “good for $300” but “should be priced higher” if that makes sense. I want them to sound twice their price. Like the Sendy Aiva. Again, all input is much appreciated. Thanks!

Passive speakers or active?

Edit: nvm

Think this would fit the bill… Pretty good for a desk and have lots of features

Kanto YU6

Also comes in gloss white instead of matte white too

The Audioengine A5 Plus Classic would also for the bill

And for slightly cheaper, Fluance Ai60 would also work just fine

These speakers have plenty of features and good price to performance. I would say that if you want great bass performance, you would probably want a sub, as most bookshelf speakers are not able to reproduce subbass very well.

And for a budget option the smaller Audioengine A2+ would be good as well

If you end up considering passive speakers with an amp, the Q Acoustics 3020i and SMSL AD18 would be a good combo

If you wanted a cheaper passive speaker and amp combo, the Fluance SX6WH and the ad18 is good as well

Thanks! This helps. I’ve heard the Kanto YU6 are pretty good, a little outside my price range but I can stretch the budget if needed. What do you think about the Vanatoo T0?

Well crap, I forgot about the t0 because I was looking for a white speaker. the t0 has great bass for it’s size and is a really nice desktop solution. I would actually suggest that over the kantos imo

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To each their own anyway but, just so you know, according to Zeos, the Fluance Ai40s are great, but the Ai60s were “almost in his shitlist”.

Huh, I didn’t think they were that bad when I heard them. Didn’t think they were too far off from the ai40. Maybe I heard a lucky pair or he got a bad one

The Fluid Audio FX-8’s are said to have well defined bass. They being coaxial, they are not too big either.

I thought the bass was good on fluid speakers, but actually lacking alot of volume. The only issue is the lack of a sub out, but otherwise great speakers as well

I have the YU5’s in yellow. I have been using them nearfield for a couple of years now. They do not disappoint.