Speaker setup help *ongoing*

i have been saving up for quite a while, looking for a pair of floor speakers paired with a great amp. i want to stream from tidal, but also have the option to connect my turntable, tape deck, and cd player.
m0n :cupid: has been helping me along the way and suggested the klipsch rp-8000f.
my budget for speakers is around $1,000 (pair) and my amp budget is around $500.

i just want to be sure i know all my options before pulling the trigger. i am able to find the klipsh speakers used for much cheaper, which certainly is important to me. end game?
i have a few amps so i do not need one asap. i don’t mind going vintage for the amps or speakers, any other recommendations to help me become a more informed buyer?

mainly listen to:
60s,70s,80s,90s rock, blues, psychedelic rock, metal also some jazz and classical

some bands as well: santana, can, primus, black label soc. smash pumpkins, hendrix, bad company, zeppelin, sublime, rage, soad, randy weston, mountain, coltrane, stevie ray vaughan, early Cure, Haig Yazdjian, offspring, audioslave, king crimson, cream, crosby stills, the doors, rhcp, badlands, d’angelo, radiohead, pearl jam, alice n chains, soundgarden, p floyd, viza, sabbath, dire straits, the police, queen, rush, deep purple, bob marley, beatles, more hendrix, sleep, korn

i love sound stage and hearing new sounds i never heard in songs before. i love immersion and feeling like wow im hearing this shit for the first time. i don’t really ROCK OUT to music, i never blast volume unless i have people over or listening to a soad record lmao. i have no problem using a sub.


JBL has their 590 that was on sale two days ago :sweat_smile:. If you wait a little bit, it might go back on sale for $439 ($878 for the two). The studio 5 series is known for their compression tweeter, and the dual 8 inch will keep the low end nice and firm. They msrp at $1000 a piece usually.
That leaves a little headroom for a $700 Schiit Vidar which will have plenty enough clean power for them.

r those JBLs better than the Klipsch?
also i would need a pre, and a streaming option. any recommendations?

Totally different. The Klipsch has more dynamics while the JBL is more tonality accurate. Some people say that the Klipsch is very treble and bass (V shaped) and forward and the JBL is flatter with some color. The jbl is a little sweeter with the treble (not as harsh to my ears). They both are very good speakers. For reference, an apples to orange comparison, I have the 530s and RP260f. The 530s are better for listening with persision, but if you want dynamics and power, the Klipsch RP260f is the way to go. The JBL will still get plenty loud, VERY loud. I tried them in a home theater setup with a sub set to 120hz crossover to a custom 15" sub, and that tweeter and mid-range, better for rock and roll then the B&W DM640. Very clean and accurate. I know I am comparing a tower speaker to a bookshelf (not a fair comparison, however i like the sound of the JBL more then the Klipsch. I will listen to the JBL way longer then the Klipsch due to the Klipsch being a little harsher in the highs. I am not sure about the new line, Just talking about experience.

cool ill check out the 590, thanks