Speaker setup on a budget

Goin for sub $500 as a cheap setup for my ‘workbench’ in the basement.

Looking at Klipsh RP-51M w/ TDA7498E.

I do know how much Amps/DACs affect the sound. This is less for analytical listening, and more for some nice noise in the background. It also seems like the Klipsch respond well to upgrades.

Thoughts on the setup? Better options? Cheaper equivalents? Things that scale better?

EDIT : I pretty much used this as my reference for building the system.

EDIT 2 : Also might just go for the Audio Technica LP-60 + Mani if I want to stretch it and go for Vinyl (I have a shitload of old albums and stuff from Goodwill trips in college (roommate had a nice turntable)).

Klipsch horns are very different than a lot of other speakers in their range. You can usually test them at Best Buy’s to compare to Polk Audios and some others without horn tweeters to get an idea. It’s really good for Home Theater sound but might be a bit much for background listening. It can be a bit to bright to some folks and isn’t as natural. I own an older HT Klipsch setup and sold tons of them when I worked for BBy, A/B testing in the stores, brighter sounds better to the masses. If you can wait, Klipsch does really big sales quite often, up to 50% is common. Crutchfield also has them on sale for less than Amazon currently.

I’ve really enjoyed the Martin Logan speakers I’ve heard, their 4i is on sale currently too. You might also want to consider more of a surround sound speaker to toss sound in a wider area than the directional nature of bookshelves, they will fill the space a lot better.

Never heard of that amp but one issue is no sub out if you ever wanted to add to it. You could probably find a sub / amp / and speakers in your price range easily, or look at a powered all in one system like the Swan M80w that would give you more options of input / control and be better balanced on sound compared to just speakers.

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