Speaker setup / placement question(s)

I’m curious to know how relatively short floor speakers performance would be affected if they were put on something to boost their height.

in this case, I’m thinking about floor standing speakers vs bookshelf speakers on a stand. boosting them so their drivers clear the desk and let you feel the full effect.

I may be surprised, but I doubt there are stands designed to make floor standing speakers taller as I suspect that would be an extremely niche within niche scenario.

and feel free to throw in any suggestions for floor standing speakers that have excellent performance at low volume levels. macrodynamics being sought after more than micro, but still maintaining enough bass performance to not require a sub when used in near field positioning.

Take a couple of cinder blocks and place the speakers on them and find out.

Other than that it’s impossible to accurately predict how they’ll sound.

There also are handyman people or companies that can make “stands” to any need.
DIY is more cheaper way go or just cinder blocks. :slight_smile:

Usually floor speakers driver height is the *area where people sit in living rooms.

That is the way.
Most times the display and other stuff. Take space that the placement ain’t optimal.
Stands and desktop / monitor sized speakers gives option for good sound unless the rest of room ruins it after that. :slight_smile:

What if you look at them as extra large bookshelves ? Also, ive adopted Zs desktop layout. More hifi junkies should too. Annex spare room declare to the WAF you have formed a soverign state in said occupied territory. They cant leave its too late in the game.

Current config: desktop 2.2 50in 4k LED cheap laptop entry level atmos AVR folding table klipsch rp600m jbl subs 16x16ft room. Future plans: wallmounted 65in LED media PC integrated amp floorstanders 12in subs 20x30ft room another plastic table.

Personally i dont see any real benefit using floor speakers as desk speakers.
I mean JBL 570 spec’s ain’t special imo. 12"x7.5" sized monitors have same specs and they small, fit’s any desk. Think it would be more simple solution to go for and hear everything.

It would be different if any. Probably it’s more what is goal. Need and feel. :slight_smile:

Add sound signature to taste but the layout and placement is where its at.

Take away the portable table and its a dedicated 2ch room. The empty space between the speakers and the sofa in a traditional listening room is under utilized IMO, the no mans land only the area carpet lives. blasphemy to even mention a coffee table. I say rebel, add a big ass monitor against the wall stick that plastic table right in the middle back and enjoy pretend sound engineer. Later, smooth over with the Mrs invite them in to learn tango dancing.

Apple box might fit the bill. I’ve considered this for some floor speakers stuck kind of behind the couch… I just have a very active two year old soooo I’d have to secure the speakers for toppling

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One of these sundays fire up the saw and fab some uneven stands for now using milk crates atop the subs. Me boom stacks.

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Audio Advisor knows a thing or two about speaker placement. I mean just look at the cover of this magazine I got today.


couple examples of short speaker stands that work for short floorstanders