Speaker Stand Risers

I love my old Studio Tech SC 24 speaker stands but for some speakers, they’re just a bit too short. I didn’t want to replace them with taller stands so I started looking around for a way to make some risers. After much searching around, I stumbled across The Cutting Board Company. They make custom cutting boards to order and the bamboo ones go up to 2" thick. I decided to make them 2 inches bigger than the base of my stands so that I don’t lose any stability. They’re simply tacked on with a bit of blue tack so that I can easily remove them (well, the stands are heavy AF because they’re filled with sand, but we’re talking relatively).

The cost of each 11" x 12" x 2" bock was under $32. They manufactured and shipped them out within one business day. Overall, I’m impressed with the quality and service. I’m considering getting some made as component risers.


do they sit on that foam block as well?

Thanks for this, I have the same issue, love my Pangea stands but speakers are just a little low…

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Do you mean the black and gray foam tiles? If so, yes. Those cover my listening area. I would prefer a rug but they’re magnets for pets to vomit and poop on so I opted for the foam tiles. They’re easier to wash or replace if they get soiled or damaged.

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